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train. equip. love. send.

"Christine is dynamite you can handle."

Andrew Schmidt, Senior Pastor

"What was set in motion tonight - our region will never be the same." 

Doug Harris, Senior Pastor

Her Ministry


identity; leadership; discipleship; healing & prophetic; youth



Youth Worship Nights 

Revival Nights​ 

Burning Ones Nights

High School Spiritual Renewal Days

Church Services

Bible Studies

Home Groups


School Chapels

Missions Trips


Company Team Building

Women's Events

Regional Burns




One on One: Youth & Adults. 

SOZO Healing Sessions

Kingdom in the Marketplace

Business doesn't have to be ordinary; it can actually mimic the kingdom. From Who He is, to who we are, and the access He's given us to rule and reign here on earth, Christine can put together a list of classes or customize a course tailored to your needs and desires.

Conference, Retreat, Church

Christine's high level of creativity and understanding of needs is suitable for your upcoming service or event. No matter the setting or size, she's able to engage your audience and exceed expectations. Sometimes a little outside spark is just what's needed.

Schools, Children & Youth

Christine can connect with young ones of all ages. From classroom, to chapel, to auditorium size, she'd love to assist in building solid leaders, teaching them who they are in Christ and the power they possess within. Let's empower world changers together.

Suggested Topics

The Goodness of God, The Love of the Father, Friendship With God, Co-Laboring With Heaven, Victorious Living Through the Holy Spirit, Identity: Sons & Daughters, The Renewed Mind, The Power of Our Words, Wired For Relationship, Hearing From God, Living From Rest, Free & Powerful, Made For More, Fearlessness, Breaking the Chains of Offense & Unforgiveness, Saying Goodbye to Orphan & Poverty Mindsets, Childlike Faith, The Authority of the Believer, Living From 'It Is Finished,' The Power of The Blood, Communion, The Presence, Brave Communication, The Power of Prayer, Operating From Heavenly Places, Impacting Spheres of Influence, Team Building, Sonship, Breaking Fear of Man & Performance, Healing, The Prophetic. 

KIDS/YOUTH: Made In God's Image, Trusting God, The Power of Your Voice, Good Decision Making, Laughing At Lies, Made For Greatness, Words Matter, You Can Do All Things, Healthy Friendships, Fear is Not Your Friend, How To Pray, Leadership, Living Free of Shame, Guilt and Condemnation, Made On Purpose For Great Purpose, Boundaries, Purity, Living by the Spirit. 

ENCOUNTER ROOMS: Depending on your theme or desired goal, interactive stations can be set up for individuals to encounter the presence of God through tangible experiences. This can be done for both children and adults.

What Others Are Saying

"Christ's love flows... gushes... from you!" Jaime Schiferl, Mom/Health & Fitness Instructor

"You speak and the anointing of the Lord sets the captives free and minds to be renewed." Katie Edwards, Worship Leader

"One of theeeee best trainings I’ve attended. Christine is anointed in so many ways and I’m incredibly grateful to have learned from her." Faye Hartung Howard, Marketing Communications Specialist

"The way you explain makes it so easy to understand." Lindsey Phillips, Children's Ministry

"Your teaching is profound, beautifully spoken, bathed in love and grace." Marci Allen, Missionary Nurse

"Christine dropped bomb after bomb after bomb!! Born to preach!!" Janice Griffin, Women's Ministry

"Outta the park!!!! Touched our hearts! Life changing!" Allen Dukes, Retired Deputy Sheriff

"Christine is a people magnet, for she attracts quality and she inspires a culture which engages people at every level. She's an influential leader. She's a presence wherever she is and a force to whatever task she is charged."  

Anthony DiMaio, Director of BOLD Ministry, Inc.

Get To Know Her

Christine was a NYC high school teacher, and then moved into the luxury hospitality field as a training manager. Her love for the Lord set her on a journey in healing ministry, as a leader in marketplace ministry, and as a pastor. Fulfilling her apostolic and prophetic call, she is currently training and equipping the body of Christ to walk in the fullness of their identity with power, authority, and love. From the place of pursuing His presence and loving people, she presents Kingdom topics in such a simple yet profound way. She desires that people walk fully whole and free, and in their God-given destiny, getting everything Jesus paid for. A graduate of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, she carries wisdom, freedom, and joy, and the revelation of "on earth as it is in heaven," believing that the kingdom is at hand, and that with God all things are truly possible.

Within her training background, she's received several certificates and awards, including train-the-trainer, lay counseling training, training through the American Association of Christian Counselors, and was part of a training team that was awarded top 100 training companies. In her first year at BSSM, she was one of 14 females, out of 1400 students, nominated for the M.Earl Johnson Award - an honor granted to those who stand out in their class as examples of what it means to live the lifestyle of a revivalist (a believer who is focused and passionate, willing to pay any price to live in community, purity and power because they are loved by God, whose manifest presence transforms lives and cultures).

Giftings/Strengths: Perceiver, Apostolic/Prophetic, Responsibility Relator Strategic, Influence/Steadiness

Heroes of Faith: John G. Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker 

Favorite Books: John G. Lake, Redeeming Love, and Awake to Righteousness.

His kingdom come

His will be done,

On earth as it is

in heaven.

That's now, through us.

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